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We met 11/18/06 at a local bar - Root 5.  It's really your typical "boy meets girl" story...

I was out celebrating the news that I passed the bar exam.  Guy was out having a drink with a family member.  While waiting for a drink at the bar, I looked over and said something offensive.  He yelled, "SHUT UP!"  Since I am a wee bit stubborn, I did not shut up.  :)  We spent the rest of the night talking, laughing, and arguing.  The rest is history, right?  Not exactly!

We began emailing each other over the next couple days and he eventually invited me to meet him out for the biggest party night of the year - the night before Thanksgiving.  I told him that if the Buffalo Sabres won that evening, I would meet him back at Root 5.

Well, the Sabres won that night and I headed to Root 5.  I had a great time with him and his family that night.  The rest is history, right?  Not exactly!

You see, Guy had invited me out in the attempts to set me up with a family member of his.  He was not trying to date me!  That family member did not meet him at Root 5 that night and the two of us continued emailing, texting, and talking until he asked me out on our first official date.  He took me to a Buffalo Sabres hockey game and I had a great time.  But guess what?  I still can't say that the rest is history!

You see, Guy had asked me out on a date to prove to himself that he did NOT like me.  Well, as I said before, I am a wee bit stubborn.  And, instead of proving that he did not like me, we began the greatest love story of our lives.  (cheesy, I know!)  So, now I can FINALLY say, the rest is history!